File all papers

Being organised is the first step to having control and visibility over your financial situation. It will save you money and time and you might even find money you didn’t know about.

Steps to organize

  1. Collect all documents listed below. Some of it can be found online.
  2. If the documents you found are more than a year old, call and ask for updated documents.
  3. Scan it with a scanner, with one of the scan apps (e.g., Scannable)
  4. Have another text file with user names and HINTS to passwords to all institution websites. Do not write all passwords directly but a hint, such as: Nat’s year of birth, my first child name with $.

Folder: paychecks, expenses, banks and credit cards

  • Work contracts
  • Paychecks (weekly, monthly, annual)
  • Taxes – Income tax, social security
  • Bank details and last year statement
  • Checks
  • Credit card reports
  • Loans

Folder: Housing/Rent or Mortgage

  • Renting
    • Rent contract
    • Bill receipts for renting period
  • Purchasing a house
    • Purchase contract
    • Plans
    • Mortgage contract, payments
  • List of all suppliers (internet, cables, cellular, land phone, electricity, gaz, …)
  • Contract for all suppliers if relevant
  • Bills from all suppliers for the last two years
  • List and contracts for all subscriptions (newspapers, gyms)
  • House purchases: Receipts, warranties

Folder: Car

  • Buying contract
  • Ownership/Registration, license copy
  • Insurances
  • Garage treatments
  • Fuel receipts
  • Toll roads, parking tickets, etc.

Folder: Family

  • Diplomas
  • Certificates: Birth, Marriage
  • Vaccinations data
  • Last medical info

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